Desk Booking with the Evoko Naso

Evoko Naso desk booking system

Essential for the modern office where hybrid or activity based working requires coordination.

With open office space, hot desking, hoteling and collaborative spaces that are not meeting rooms, there comes a need to book, see and track these working spaces.

6 Tips and Tricks to keep a whiteboard clean

white board strategy work flow diagram

Straightforward and effective, whiteboards are incredibly versatile tools.  And the main attraction of the tool is right in the name.  A whiteboard surface continuously offers a fresh white slate, ready for new ideas, drawings, lists and schedules.  But what happens when a whiteboard no longer stays white?

7 Benefits of Using Mobile Partitions in Your Office

When we think of office partitions, many of us immediately conjure a vision of drab, dreary cubicles that make for a thoroughly depressing work environment. However, when used intelligently, office partitions can make your office or other place of work a significantly more pleasant place to be.

Use a Whiteboard to Increase Your Organisation at Work in 3 Easy Steps

Staying organised in the workspace is an important part of being a productive, professional and successful employee. When you are organised you use your time more wisely, meaning your feel less stressed and overwhelmed at work. This can lead to be benefits like promotions and climbing the corporate ladder.

Image of office staff using a Vista white board

3 Teaching Aids for Your Music Classroom

Wall mounted porcelain whiteboard with music staves

Music education is a must for growing minds. Researchers have found that musical training at an early age stimulates growth and development in the reasoning and language portions of the brain.

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