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Cleaning your Vista whiteboard with our range of whiteboard cleaners and erasers will ensure best performance from your whiteboard.

Proper use and maintenance will ensure your surface will look like new for years.

Daily, we recommend you wipe the surface with a clean cloth moistened with warm water.  Then wipe dry with another clean cloth.

Weekly, you should clean the surface with our Vista environmentally friendly whiteboard cleaner. The wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Please note that using a non-appropriate cleaner may result in poor dry erasability due to the build-up of residues from the cleaner on the board surface. We recommend Vista cleaning products for your Vista whiteboard.

And don’t forget to change your eraser pad as required for the best clean.

Hint: Want to know how to remove permanent marker from your whiteboard? Simply write on top of the writing with a dry-erase marker – then erase as usual.  Depending on the type of whiteboard marker used the permanent marker should simply disappear.

For more information on how to clean a whiteboard refer to our whiteboard cleaning guide.

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