Music Boards

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Vista porcelain music whiteboards have 5 staves of music lines permanently baked into the surface.  This music teaching aid creates a durable and long lasting surface for music education and communication.

Music education has been shown to deliver a number of benefits to students. The whiteboard with lines that replicate sheet music enhance the learning experience from both a teaching and a student interaction perspective.

As with all Vista whiteboards, our music staff whiteboards are available in wall mounted, fixed mobile or pivoting mobile whiteboards.

To create double the communication from your Vista mobile music staff whiteboard you can order your board:

  • with the music staves on both sides;
  • or you can choose to have music one side and plain porcelain on the other.

If you care for the surface of the board according to the instructions, having the lines baked into the surface means these music staff boards will give years of lesson performance and retain their clarity.

These music white boards are available in a number of widths to suit your requirements as a teaching aid and to correctly accommodate the 5 stave height are generally 1212mm high.

Standard products are shown here or contact us online for a custom whiteboard quote.

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