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Social Distancing + Contact Tracing in the workplace with the Evoko Naso

When you and your staff return to the office, you definitely want to ensure that your office environment is safe and flexible from a COVID-19 perspective.

The Evoko Naso provides flexible configurable solutions to support a safe transition back to the workplace.

• Hot desking and agile desk booking
• No touch meeting room experiences
• Visitor management and contact tracing
• Real-time data insights

Your post COVID workplace requirements can be met in several ways during the return to work phase. By using the Evoko Naso, you are enabling a contactless control over the office space to your employees.

Hot desking and agile desk booking

Utilising the Pepper add-on package you add fixed, bookable and individually assigned desk management.

You can use the Pepper package to ensure a safe and efficient workplace environment by managing desks and maintaining space management requirements. Whether you require the ability to assign fixed desks to employees, provide flexibility where people sit, or create bookable desks, Evoko Naso supports complete flexibility with built-in intelligence that makes social distancing simple.

Assign a fixed desk.

You can ensure social distancing by identifying who will be returning to the office and assigning them a fixed desk that is only available for their use.

Define bookable desks

Pre-determine what desks can be used while enabling the flexibility for employees to choose an individual desk from available workstations. Using the Naso mobile app employees can also easily find a colleague with real time location mapping on your office floor plan.

Ad hoc desk booking

With the Naso’s integrated presence detection sensors placed at available desks, workstations are automatically made unavailable based on real-time occupancy and space management requirements.

No Touch Meeting Room experiences

Navigate and Check-in/Check-out your way

The ROSE add-on package adds a variety of features to help employees and visitors find and check-in to meetings. The Naso reduces the need to touch surfaces in the workplace.

Dynamic mapping

By using static maps or optional interactive maps, users can easily navigate to rooms and desks.

Automatic Check-in

Bluetooth will automatically check in the user, as a host or attendee.

Manual Check-in

The Naso mobile app allows check-in by phone so attendees and attendances can be recorded removing unnecessary touching.

Sensor integration

Naso integrates with BlueCats and Kontakt.io staff movement and proximity sensors.

Built-in cleaning time

Built-in set-up and teardown time between meetings can be used for room cleaning as well as other tasks and services.

Visible room status

Evoko’s signature three distinctive 360 degree halo lights on the panel visibly display the room status from a distance.

Visitor Management and Contact Tracing

The GUAVA add-on package enhances the standard Naso functionality to interact closer with your visitors. The soon to be available Evoko GUAVA App will automatically identify them and notify the host of their arrival.


Provide social distancing information and ask pre-arrival questions before guests arrive on site.

Contactless sign-in

Visitors can sign in on arrival using a given code.

Badge Printing

Optional printing of visitor badges with photos can improve security

Dashboard analysis

Understand visitor behaviour with detailed reports including critical contact tracing information.

Real-time Notifications

Alert hosts via email when visitors arrive.

Simple set-up

The Evoko Guava app is compatible with iPad for easy setup and quick deployment.

Real-time Data Insights

Evoko Naso provides real-time visual dashboards and exportable data reporting capabilities.

The Naso data insights help the building manager to optimise the potential of the available meeting spaces. Reports provide an overview of all locations, users, and spaces, giving a snapshot of space utilisation metrics including:

Bookable desk occupancy

• Total number of active bookable desks
• Number of bookings created in period
• Number of bookable desks currently occupied (today)
• Busiest desk
• Average desk occupancy (mins)
• Busiest day

Meeting room insights

• Total meeting bookings
• Recurring meetings
• Auto cancelled
• User cancelled
• Active meeting rooms
• Busiest room
• Busiest day

Visitor management Insights

• Total site visits
• Visitors
• Contractors
• Deliveries
• Members
• Currently signed in
• Pre-registered Visitors
• Average visit length

These reports can help optimise room usage and prevent ghost meetings.

The Evoko Naso Mobile App

Working in conjunction the Pepper & Rose add-on packages within the Naso Ecosystem the mobile app enhances the desk booking experience and helps keep using the Naso contact free.

Automated Check-in

With Bluetooth low-energy check-in, users are automatically checked in to meeting rooms.

Floor plans

Where add-on supported floor maps and location mapping ensure you will never get lost again.

Notifications & Alerts

Real-time notifications and reminders for bookings, check-ins and cancellations for no-shows.

Find a colleague

Collaborate with co-workers by finding a colleague’s booked location.

Location Preferences

Set your preferred location & floor. When searching for desks, preferred locations will appear first.

Manage bookable desks

Depending on your needs desks can be booked in advance or simply arrive at an available desk.

And every Naso room booking manager panel has the wall mount bracket and glass mount pad included in the box.

See a comparison of add-on package inclusions here.

Evoko Naso – taking room booking to a new level of simplicity.

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