Wall Mounted Fabric Wrapped Pinboard


  • Velour or Classic Rib Fabric
  • Pin & Velcro Friendly
  • Variety of colours to choose from
  • Smooth wrapped edges
  • Stain resistant, Non-toxic
  • Non-allergenic,Non-irritant
  • Recyclable, Will not rot or breakdown
  • 100 % Australian made

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Vista Wall Mounted Fabric Pin boards are available in 2 Fabrics which are both velcro compatible.  Choose from either Vertiface Velour or Classic Rib all board are 100% made in Australia. Standard sizes are listed.  Need a different size then just let us know.

Vertiface Velour is stain -resistant, has a low pile or flush finish. Comes in 38 colours.  It is both Pinable or Velcro (hook-and loop) receptive.

Classic Rib has a low ribbed effect of looped threads through the material.  Come in 12 colours.  It is both Pinable or Velcro (hook-and loop) receptive.

The Vista Wall Mounted Fabric Wrapped Pin board has smooth wrapped edges and fixings supplied.

Vista Visuals manufactures this product here in Australia.

Listed on the “Size Guide” is standard sizes.  Need a different size, just ask us.

Remember the the Trim and Surface guide will give you a selection of standard options.