Wall Mounted Fabric Wrapped Pinboard


  • Velour or Classic Rib Fabric
  • Pin & Velcro Friendly
  • Variety of colours to choose from
  • Smooth wrapped edges
  • Stain resistant, Non-toxic
  • Non-allergenic,Non-irritant
  • Recyclable, Will not rot or breakdown
  • 100 % Australian made

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Vista Wall Mounted Fabric Pin boards are available in 2 Fabrics which are both velcro compatible.  Choose from either Vertiface Velour or Classic Rib all board are 100% made in Australia. Standard sizes are listed.  Need a different size then just let us know.

Vertiface Velour is stain -resistant, has a low pile or flush finish. Comes in 38 colours.  It is both Pinable or Velcro (hook-and loop) receptive.

Classic Rib has a low ribbed effect of looped threads through the material.  Come in 12 colours.  It is both Pinable or Velcro (hook-and loop) receptive.

The Vista Wall Mounted Fabric Wrapped Pin board has smooth wrapped edges and fixings supplied.