Evoko Naso


Room Booking and Beyond

  • Out of the box with basic room booking functionality.
  • Add-on packages to extend the range of functions.
  • Cloud hosted room booking solution.
  • Standard wall or glass mount included.
  • Requires Office 365 account for administration.
  • This digital booking system gets rid of double bookings, confusion on where to go and meetings that get interrupted.
  • Green, Yellow or Red halo to indicate room status at a distance.
  • 2 years hardware warranty from date of purchase.

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The Evoko Naso Room Booking Manager is a hosted room booking, management and administration solution.

It can be used out of the box or extended with one or more of the add-on packages.


Meetings made magnificent.

Evoko has developed award winning room bookers since 2009.

The Evoko Naso takes the room booking experience to a new level of simplicity.  The add-on packages allow you to achieve complete workspace coordination.

Room booking and beyond.

A room booking system should be more than a list of features.  Evoko believes it must be easy to use and that it should look sublime in any office.

The Naso rocks Evoko’s trademark intuitive light signals to guide you to the right room.

The proximity sensor unfolds a new layer of information as you approach the screen to show you everything you need to know.


Responsive and intuitive.

The Evoko Naso is a purpose built room manager.  Evoko have designed the software and hardware from the ground up to ensure a best-in-class experience.

Use the touch screen to quickly find a room for your spontaneous meetings. Small icons represent the rooms equipment so you can pick the rooms that serve your needs.

You can also report broken or missing meeting equipment directly on the screen.


Insightful and comprehensive.

Thanks to the Naso analytics tool you get valuable insights to help you increase efficiency, optimise resource usage and improve the meeting culture of your company.  If you’re interested in taking a step towards complete workspace coordination, we’ve got that covered.

The Naso has three packages you can choose and combine to fit every need imaginable.


Complete Workspace Coordination

Indicative image of Naso Rose add-on package


Room Services Add-on Package

Complete Room Services

Add an extra layer of functionality on top of Evoko Naso with convenient features such as automatic check-in into a meeting when entering a room. You can also add maps to guide you and use our sensor connections and open API for automation and integration.

The Naso mobile app makes it easy to find and book a room that matches your need, and our Overview Screen shows you the status of all rooms at a glance.

Indicative image of Naso Pepper add-on package


Personal Place Resources Add-on Package

Coordinating all workspaces

If your organisation utilises hot desking, the Pepper package can help you locate and book free desks.

Finding a free desk, which is a major time stealer for many activity based offices, is now a walk in the park. Find and book a desk with your smartphone app where you also can see where your colleagues are scheduled to work for the day.

The collected data shows how your workspaces are being used and helps to optimise your floor plans for maximum productivity and cost efficiency.

Indicative image of Naso Guava add-on package


Guest and Visitor Administration Add-on Package

A personalised welcome.

Wouldn’t it be great if a visitor walked up to the front desk and was instantly recognised, greeted and got relevant information about their planned meeting?  It’s totally possible with the Guava add-on package.

Handling the flow of people in and out of the office building has never been easier than this.

The meeting organiser gets a heads up as the visitor arrives and can prepare to give a warm welcome.


Evoko Naso Technical Specification


  • 8″LCD 4:3 1024×768
  • Capacitive Multi Touch


  • Ethernet – 1000base-t/100base-tx/10base-te
  • Wifi – 802.11b/g/n/ac 2.4GHz
  • RFID

NFCIP-1, NFCIP-2 protocol ISO/IEC 14443A, ISO/IEC 14443B PICC mode via host interface

MIFARE PCD encryption mechanism (MIFARE 1K/4K)

NFC Forum tag 1 to 4, (MIFARE Ultralight, Jewel, Open FeliCa tag MIFARE DESFire)

  • Bluetooth – Bluetooth 4.2 (BLE)


  • Power over Ethernet PoE RJ45 802.3at PD Type 1 (13W)
  • DC-Power 5VDC (DC-Power supply sold spearately)


  • Sensors

Proximity Sensor

Ambient Light Sensor

  • Mounting

Mounting options for both standard and glass walls

5-way cable exit option for easy and neat installation

Measurement and weight:

  • Product – 195 x 195 x 35mm 0.9Kg
  • Box – 290 x 290 x 73mm 1.6Kg

Compatible platforms:

  • Microsoft Office 365

Other features:

  • Remote management with multi-site support.
  • Real-time monitoring & statistics
  • 3-way indirect light aura to make room status visible already from a distance
  • VC Automation
  • Sensor integration
  • Open API for third party integration

Part Numbers:

EVO-ENX1001 – Evoko Naso

EVO-ENX1031 – Naso Room hosting

EVO-ENX1032 – Naso Rose Licence

EVO-ENX1033 – Naso Pepper Licence

EVO-ENX1034 – Naso Guava Licence

EVO-ENX1035 – Naso Interactive Maps




Naso Freestand

Photo of Evoko Naso Freestanding floor mount

Freestanding or boltable design floor stand