VVA takes pride in sourcing and supplying the best quality raw materials for our range of Whiteboards, Pinboards and Acoustic Products. Raw materials used in the manufacturing process may differ slightly in colour and texture as each supplier reserves the right to alter specifications without prior notification. All information given below is offered in good faith with VVA ultimately reliant on its Suppliers’ guarantees on fabric and raw materials utilised.

We at VVA provide the following warranty information. For additional VVA manufactured products not listed below those items have a 2 year warranty subject to the correct use, care and maintenance. If you are not sure of the warranty period, then please contact us at sales@vistavisuals.com.au.

ProductWarranty Period
Whiteboard -Porcelain SurfaceLifetime
Whiteboard - Commercial Surface
NB -Vista Visuals recommends only Porcelain whiteboards for Educational and high use areas
10 Years
NB:-Commercial Whiteboards are not warrantied for Educational and high use areas.
Whiteboard – Porcelain Printed Graphic2 years on the Print/Lifetime on Surface
Natural Cork Board (Not Economy)2 Years
Pinboard - Sustainable Classic Fabric5 Years
Pinboard - Rim Trilogy 1 Fabric3 Years
Pinboard - Vertiface Velour Fabric3 Years
Pinboard - Krommenie5 Years
Pinboard – Frontline Fabric3 Years
Mobile Frame2 Years

Warranty claims are subject to the correct care, maintenance and use of the product. Warranty claims are to be lodged with the dealer or retailer. Proof of purchase is required. Claims must detail the fault or problem, and preferably include photographs.

This warranty is in addition to, and does not negate Regulation 90, under Requirements for warranties against defects of the Trade Practices (Australian Consumer Law) Amendment Regulation 2010 (no.1).