Vista C-Clip



  • Never be without a Whiteboard Marker again
  • Magnetic so it stay on the Whiteboard anywhere
  • Easily clips around your Whiteboard Marker
  • Stylish Design and moves easily
  • Small enough to take with you anywhere

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The Vista C-Clip is every teacher or presenters best friend.

How many times do you want to write something up on the whiteboard but can never find a whiteboard marker.

The Vista C-Clip is small enough to carry with you, attach it to the board and you will not have to hunt for a whiteboard marker again.

Each C Clip holds 1 pen and can be placed anywhere on the board.

Great for keeping your markers out of reach of little fingers, as well as keeping the markers flat to help stop them from drying out quickly.

Takes up minimum space on your Whiteboard.

There are 4 c-clips in a pack.