A4 Magnetic Letters


  • So easy and simple to use
  • 25mm high Magnetic Letters
  •  Pre-punched
  • Available in either Black, Red or Blue


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Magnetic Letters 25mm high in Red (R), Blue (BL) or Black (BK).  Great visual tool for Magnetic Whiteboard Planning.

Pack consist of 1 coloured A4 containing 61 letters and 12 Punctuation symbols:

1 of:  J,  Q,  X,  Y,  Z, ?, :, !, /

2 of:  B,  C,  D,  F,  G,  H,  K,  L,  M,  P,  U,  V,  W, ; , (

3 of:  O,  S,  T,  R,

4 of:  N, A, –

5 of:  E,  I,   

Please note: widths of the letters  will vary.