Wall Mounted Porcelain Printed Whiteboard


  • Porcelain Whiteboard surface
  • Your chosen design printed in vibrant colour or etched lines and words
  • Accepts magnets and magnetic products like magnetic strips
  • Porcelain is Scratch, Bacteria and Stain resistant
  • Rounded corners with concealed fixings
  • Australian made

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A Vista printed whiteboard is custom made to your needs every time.

Get so much more out of your Whiteboard by having it drawn up to meet your requirements.

Easier to use and set up than using liner tape plus you can have printed text and even your logo.

Some of the specific needs that our printed white boards solve include:

  • OH&S recording and communication whiteboard
  • Planning whiteboard
  • Logistics Management Whiteboard
  • Project Management whiteboard
  • Hospital Patient Details Whiteboard
  • Calendar
  • Message Board
  • Sports Boards (Football, Rugby, Basketball etc)
  • Pricing or Sales Recording Boards
  • Menu Board
  • Staff Movement Planner
  • Production Planning Board


Printed Whiteboard

We create your custom printed whiteboard using our digital printing process.  Whatever we print for you has a 2 year warranty on the printing.  For best results use the un-printed whiteboard surface as where you write or record.

Our printing process will reproduce from one colour to full colour so you can include your company or school logo for a truly unique whiteboard.


Laser Etch Whiteboard

For intensive use with constant writing and erasing we recommend our laser etch boards.

The high intensity laser creates a groove in the whiteboard surface that is permanent and won’t erase.

Because of the process the etched boards are only in grey or black and you definitely can’t write on the etched area.


Manufactured in Australia

Combining our quality materials and workmanship, innovative printing techniques and your imagination, any image, colour, design or layout can be professionally reproduced on our porcelain whiteboards.


Some uses of our printed whiteboards include:


Branded Whiteboards

Give your office a professional feel with your logo printed on your whiteboard.


Organising and scheduling

When you have to track KPI’s targets or milestones a Vista printed whiteboard can assist with a visual aid to track your progress.  We can print tables, charts and graphs to create an instantly recognisable representation of the teams progress.


A Whiteboard Map

Annotate your map of operations or transport destinations with a visual whiteboard map. You can write directly to the white space or  annotate with magnetic buttons or strips.  This give a great visual record for all.


Hospital and patient communication boards

Use a custom template board to accurately communicate patient information to nurses.  Write directly to the board or use magnetic strips to communicate accurate patient status information.


Staff in and out board

Print staff names permanently or print a grid, write the names by hand or use a magnetic strip with names.  The design can be custom to your business requirements and even include a logo. In/out status can be by magnetic button or return time.




Please note:

  • There may be an artwork development charge if we need to create a design for you.
  • All custom boards require artwork approval before commencement of manufacture.
  • Obviously, printed boards are made to order so ask us about our current manufacturing lead time.
  • Some limitations in size apply for these products so please discuss your requirements with us.

For any Warranty Information give us a call or check our “Warranty Information” guide.

Vista Visuals manufactures this product here in Australia.

Listed on the page and the “Size Guide” is standard sizes.

Sometimes standard sizes are available off the shelf.

For your custom size made in Australia option, please contact us.

Remember the the Trim and Surface guide will give you a selection of standard options, so if you don’t see what you need please contact us with your requirements.