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Fabric Pin Board

Vista’s comprehensive range of functional and decorative pinboards feature a wide variety of different surfaces, styles and colours to suit any requirement for school or office use.

Vista fabric pin boards are made in Australia and we use the finest quality materials to create a custom notice board for you.  In fact our Vista velour is available in over 40 colours!

Good for the planet

Our wall mounted pin up boards feature environmentally-friendly materials such as Vertiface Velour, with a 60% recycled content and Krommenie with a 43% recycled content.

Both of these surfaces are made with the environment in mind.

Many of the components of our pinboards including our exclusive aluminium trim are recyclable at end of life as well.

Large pin board

Because we manufacture to order you can select your size and colour, choose your trim and whether your decor requires velour, fabric, cork, or bulletin board.

Read our article on pinboard surfaces for more information on custom pinboards finishes.

Our ability to custom make pin boards means we can make a large fabric covered pin board to meet your requirements.

If you can get the board into the room we can make board 4800mm long and over to your requirements.

Pinboard wall panels

A large pinboard doesn’t have to be made from one panel.

Ask us how you can mount wrapped panels adjacent to cover a wall – or use our Vogue trim for a minimal stylish appearance between panels.

You can also custom make your own pinboard wall design using our Peel N Stick tiles that can be cut and arranged to create as large a pinboard as you require.

Cork board

We still  make a traditional corkboard but have replaced felt with the more durable Vista velour.

We can manufacture you a standard size cork board or a custom cork board to your requirements.

If you require just a small wall mounted pinboard or a wall panel we have the material in stock to enable a quick turnaround and delivery to you.

Notice boards and acoustic panels

We also manufacture a range of styles of notice boards with perspex or glass doors to protect your notices.

For noisy areas we have acoustic pinboards that can help reduce reflected sound and give your office a designer feel.

Australian made

We are a preferred schools supplier, making school pin boards to meet Government standards FD-01 so your kids school work will have a pin-up space.

Enquire now for your best Australian made board to attach and remove your important documents, notices or newsletters.

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