A pinboard or notice board is a great place to put all of your important bulletins, bills, reminders, notices or artwork.

You have a wide range of choice of pin board surfaces available, but we believe that these deliver the best performance for your office, school or classroom.

Vista Visuals supply Vista wall mounted pin boards across Australia and we make them to order. So you can have the right finish, size and performance to meet your intended application. Being custom made to order our bespoke pin board solutions will pin the target on the board every time!

Here are some pinboard ideas to enhance your class, office or work space.

Surface 1: Cork pinboard

Cork is a wonderful natural surface, that when combined with a natural substrate makes an environmentally friendly and sustainable pin board surface.

With a decorative aluminium trim this surface is an affordable and cost-effective surface for pinning your notices and bulletins.

Vista cork pinboard surface image

The surface will show where the pins have been after use, but it’s cost effective nature makes it an easy choice for an entry level pinboard that will give years of service.

Get more information on Vista Cork Pinboards here

Surface 2: Vista Velour

You should choose the Vista velour fabric when you want a non-woven material that resists pilling. It not only accepts pins, but is also Velcro hook-and-loop receptive.

Vista velour pin board surface image

With 40 colours to choose from and the Vista Velour range of standard and made-to-order sizes, plus our selection of quality trims for every size of notice board. Velour is one of our most popular finishes to match the decor requirements of your classroom or office.

Our Vista Velour is 100% recyclable and made from at least 90% recycled content – making it an environmentally responsible choice for your office, library or school pinboard.

Where pins have been in velour is almost imperceptible. The material is moisture resistant and won’t stain, rot or break down.

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Surface 3: Krommenie

Krommenie is a rubberised cork material that is the paragon of the board surfaces.

It is made from natural and renewable raw materials in a combination that results in a product with exceptional durability and a sustainable footprint.

Krommenie pinboard surface image

The surface of these boards does not attract dust and has bacteriostatic properties making it a hygienic choice in healthcare environments and classrooms.

Get more information on Vista Krommenie surface pin boards here

Surface 4: Echopanel

A contiguous material that is 100% PET with a 60% recycled content that gives a NRC of 0.45. Plus a GreenRate: Level A with GreenTag Certification.

It’s good to know that your drink bottle you recycled has been converted into a durable product that has diverted millions of bottles from landfill. This surface can still be 100% recycled at the end of it’s life.

Echopanel surface image

Our Vista pinboards made with Echopanel are made to measure in a variety of colour options and combinations. Ask us today for your Australian made décor solution!

These 4 pin board solutions combined with our range of trims and finishes make for the best pin board. Our Australian manufacturing expertise will deliver the best pinboard solution for education, healthcare, office and commercial use.