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Vista Whiteboards are 100% made in Australia. We offer a comprehensive range of white board products in the size you want including commercial (steel) and porcelain (steel) surfaces, which are magnetic and available in wall mounted, fixed mobile and pivoting mobile options.  A double sided mobile whiteboard gives you twice the area to educate or brainstorm!

Also called a marker board or dry erase board our whiteboard surfaces are a foolproof, agile, visual communication tool for offices and schools.

Magnetic Whiteboard

The benefit of an Australian made quality magnetic whiteboard is that you can choose the size and trim that you require on your customised whiteboard.   We can also create custom boards with pivot wings, printing to the surface or other enhancements to create a custom visual board solution.  In fact, our printed white boards come in some standard designs, like planners, or can be custom printed to suit your visual communication needs.

There are 5 different surfaces available for the wall mount and mobile frame whiteboards. Choose from either Vista e3 Porcelain or Vista Commercial Steel for your whiteboards and a green e3 Porcelain Chalkboard surface.

Projection Whiteboard.

When using a data projector we recommend the Vista Projection Porcelain whiteboards.  These can be passive or interactive whiteboards and you can also write on them.  Our projection white boards come in a matt or gloss whiteboard finish and make a great dual use solution.

Quality white boards

Made from e3 ceramicsteel the Vista porcelain boards have a lifetime (25 years) surface warranty.

Vista commercial surface boards are made from super coated steel and have a 10 year surface warranty under normal use and maintenance.

Our custom made whiteboards are made in Australia and come in standard sizes or we can manufacture your magnetic whiteboard to your size requirements.

Note: We always recommend a Vista Porcelain White Board for high use areas, public areas, educational institutions, corporate training,  Schools and Universities.  This ensures worry free performance, ease of cleaning and scratch resistance.

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