Fun Figures


  • Each pack contains the full alphabet
  • 1 set of A-Z Uppercase
  • 2 sets of a-z lower case
  • 3 each of numbers 0 – 9
  • Educational
  • Colourful
  • Safe, Non-toxic, Washable

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Creative Kids Fun Figures make learning fun.  Stick them to the fridge or any magnetic surface in the home, day care centres,  pre-schools, anywhere young children are learning and playing.

Fun Figures are magnetic letters and numbers for whiteboards.

The figures are colourful, soft, non toxic and washable.  Best of all the magnets are full size to the back of each letter so there are no small magnets to fall out like in a hard plastic letter.

These colourful letters and numbers are durable and they help young children with spelling as well as shape recognition.

Approximately 45mm high each bag contains A-Z in upper case, plus 2 sets of a-z in lowercase and 3 of each number 0-9 (mixed coloured pieces).

Enough to be creative with words on your whiteboard or fridge!

These are great magnetic whiteboard letters that are suitable for any of our Creative Kids white boards.

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