Vista Verve Trim board Fitting Instructions

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Want to know how to hang your whiteboard and fix it to the wall? Follow our instructions below.

  1. Carefully flip open the corner covers from the rounded outside section towards the centre of the board to expose the fixing holes.
  2. Place the board in the required position making sure it is level. Carefully mark the fixing positions through one of the holes in each of the corners – one fixing only is required per corner.
  3. Remove the board from the wall and place it in a safe position.
  4. Our boards are supplied with fixings for masonry walls. With a 5mm masonry bit, drill holes where marked on the wall, approximately 25mm deep. Push the wall plugs into the holes until they are flush with the surface.
    For other wall types use the appropriate fixing type, drill at the marked holes and install.
  5. Now attach the clip-on pen tray (usually supplied with whiteboards only). This must be done prior to fixing to the wall.
  6. Bottom fixings must be fitted first!
  7. Push the screws through the bottom holes only as this will save possible scratching to the walls. Carefully line up the bottom screws with the plugs and insert.
  8. Now place the other screws into the top holes. Carefully tighten all screws. Do not over tighten screws!
  9. Flip concealed fixing cover cap over screw positions and snap home when installation is complete.
  10. Enjoy your Vista board!
Diagram of corner cap board installation

Additional steps for whiteboards

For protection of your whiteboard during manufacture and delivery

There is a film of plastic on the surface!

Diagram of remove clear film from board before use

How to remove the plastic film? Simply have your installer remove this prior to installation by carefully running a sharp knife around the trim and peeling off the plastic.

Once installed, clean the whiteboard with Vista Whiteboard Cleaner.

For optimum performance we recommend that your whiteboard be cleaned on a regular basis.

For ongoing whiteboard care please refer to our whiteboard cleaning guide.

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