Vista Mobile Fixed Frame board assembly instructions

Congratulations on your purchase of a Vista mobile fixed frame board – quality made in Australia.

These assembly instructions apply to all of our mobile fixed frame whiteboards, chalkboards and pinboards, including our porcelain surface whiteboards, commercial surface boards and music stave white boards.

Applies to:

  • Fixed frame double sided mobile whiteboards
  • Fixed frame double sided mobile pin boards
  • Fixed frame combination boards

Tools Required for Assembly (not included in the box)

5/8″ ring spanner
Rubber mallet (optional)Photo of soft ended mallet
Phillips head screwdriver or cordless drillPhoto of Phillips head screwdriver

Component Kit Inclusions

Pivoting mobile whiteboard assembly instructions kit package

In order of use.

1.2 of Side Frames (legs)Photo of Vista side frames (legs) for mobile boards
2.8 of Spring Washer (small)Photo of eight spring washers
3.8 of M6x30 Cap ScrewsPhoto of M6 screws
4.2 of Cross Bars with expanding end cap fittedPhoto of Vista cross bars
5.1 of Allen Key 5mmPhoto of Allen Key
6.8 of Concealing plugsPhoto of concealing plugs
7.4 of Spring Washer (large) – Size 3/8″Photo of four spring washers
8. 4 of 1 1/4 x 3/8″ boltsPhoto of 4 3/8" bolts
9.4 of Wheels/Castors ( 2 x Standard & 2 x locking)Photo of 4 soft tyred 75mm castors
10.1 of Pen TrayPhoto of Vista pen tray for mobile frames
11.4 of 10 x 1 1/4″ self tapping pan head pozzi drive screwsPhoto of 4 self tapping pan head screws
12.1 of board panelBoard for a Vista mobile pivoting whiteboard
13.2 of End CapsPhoto of Vista end caps (black)

Assembly Instructions

1. Place the side frames (1) onto a flat surface like a work bench or floor. With the large holes on the side frame facing up.

Photo of two Vista mobile frame legs

2. Lay the side frame (1) on its side so that the small holes are facing in and the large holes are facing out. Put one spring washer (2) onto one of the M6 x 30 Cap screws (3) then grabbing a cross bar (4) match up the holes at the end of the cross bar with the ones on the inside bottom of the side frame (1) putting the screw in from the large hole side.

Photo of insertion location of M6 bolt

3. Using the Allen key (5) turn the cap screw (3) until tight, repeating this for all the cap screw holes. Once completed repeat this process for the second Cross Bar (4) and then fit concealing plugs (6) into the holes on the side frame (1) to conceal cap screws (3).

Photo of tightening bolt with allen key
Photo of assembled mobile frame base
Photo of partially assembled frame

4. Put one spring washer (7) on each individual bolt (8) and using the 5/8 ring spanner, fit the wheel/ castor (9) to the base of the side frame using bolts (8) to screw it in. When fitting the wheels make sure there is one standard and one locking wheel on each leg frame, with the locking wheels on the same side for each leg.

Photo of partially assembled Vista mobile frame
Photo of placement of spring washer on bolt
Photo of partially installed wheel assembly
Photo of ring spanner tightening bolt

5. Place the pen tray (10) centrally over the top cross bar.

Photo of pen tray on cross bar

6. It will take 2 people to complete this step, however, if having difficulty please insight the help of a third person to steady the board. Lift up board panel (12) matching up the holes in the board with those on the side panel (1). Insert the self tapping screw(11) into the holes in the side frames (1) and through the pre-drilled holes in the board panel (12). Tighten with a Phillips head screwdriver or cordless drill.

Photo of fixing screws into frame side. Step 6

7. Put end caps (13) on the top of the side frames (1) hammering down gently if they cannot be pushed in by hand and remove the protective plastic from the board face (if installed).

Photo of completed Vista Fixed Frame board assembly


8. Enjoy your new Vista mobile fixed frame board!

*** Please retain the Allen Key as re-tightening of the cross bars may be required in the future.

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