Wall Mounted Verve Trim Krommenie Pinboard


  • Krommenie is ‘Environmentally friendly’ – renewable natural product
  • Hygienic and Virtually bacteria free
  • Anti-static, Resilient and flexible
  • Available in 15 colours
  • Check out the Trims available
  • Australian Made

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Need a pin board or notice board for a Hospital, Medical workplace, Healthcare environment, Classroom, School or Office.

Krommenie does not attract dust, is also hygienic and bacteria resistant making it the ideal pinboard.  Krommenie is made from renewable materials – 100% natural linoleum surfacing material.  The combination of oxidized linseed oil, rosin and finely ground cork gives the product its flexibility and resilience-exceptional durability and a sustainable footprint all in the one product.

The strong, durable, resilient and self-healing properties of Krommenie prevent crumbling and loss of grip, making it ideally suited for use on notice boards.

There are 15 decorative colours to choose from.

Each board has an aluminium trim (verve), with rounded plastic corners incorporating a concealed fixing system (masonry fixings supplies)


Vista Visuals manufactures this product here in Australia.

Listed on the “Size Guide” is standard sizes.  Need a different size, just ask us.

Remember the the Trim and Surface guide will give you a selection of standard options.