Wall Mounted Porcelain Year Planner


  • Magnetic, e3 environmental ceramicsteel surface
  • Scratch resistant & Stain resistant
  • Printed artwork or Etched lines and words
  • 600mm Pentray included
  • Rounded Corners with concealed fixings
  • Australian made

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Behind every measure of success stands a measure of planning. Whatever your future successes are to be, they will require proper planning. At Vista, we want to help you plan your way to success with our quality range of Planning boards.

The Wall Mounted Year Planner is a Vista Porcelain Whiteboards with Graphics/Artwork applied.

The Artwork is printed directly onto the surface.  For lasting results check with us if the lines should be ‘Etched’ into the board.

The Porcelain Board is magnetic. Each board has a aluminium frame, plastic clip on pentray with rounded plastic corners incorporating a concealed fixing system (masonry fixings supplied).


The Porcelain Board (e3 environmental ceramicsteel surface) has a lifetime warranty under normal use and conditions.

Printed Artwork has a 2 year warranty under normal use & conditions.

Etched Lines have a lifetime warranty under normal use and conditions.