Vista Starter Kit


Pack consist of;

  • Four Sakura  dual tip whiteboard markers (assorted colours)
  • Environmentally Friendly (cfc free) Whiteboard Cleaner -250ml pump action bottle
  • Magnetic Eraser – fits great into the palm of your hand.  Can get refills,
  • Magnetic button

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As with all things to get the best performance from a product you must maintain it correctly from the start.

Therefore use the best whiteboard Markers.  Your whiteboard is a dry erase board so quick drying markers will not smudge the colour when you erase you board.

Dirt, dust, moisture, sunlight and what you use on your whiteboard all effects the performance of the whiteboard, so regular cleaning is a must.  The starter kit includes a eraser for immediate cleaning and the environmental cleaner to keep you board in top condition.

If you need to know how to care for you whiteboard refer to our  ‘How to clean a Whiteboard’  guide or check with us.

Included is also a small magnetic button.  We have a great range of magnetic accessories that will enhance your whiteboard usage from Magnetic Strips, Buttons, Bars and Planning Aids.