Vista Magnetic Pen Holder


  • Magnetic Pen Holder
  • Holds up to 4 Markers
  • Longer life for your markers
  • Simple and Stylish Design
  • Whiteboard pen holder

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The Vista Magnetic Pen Holder will hold up to 4 markers, it’s simple and stylist design takes up minimum space on your Whiteboard.

How many times do you want to write something up on the whiteboard but can never find a whiteboard marker?  The Vista Pen Holder is just the thing.  Whiteboard Pen manufacturers recommend lying your whiteboard marker horizontal for lasting performance.

The Vista pen holder lies flat against the whiteboards and can be easily moved if required.  Attach it to the board and you will not have to hunt for a whiteboard marker again. The perfect pen tray for whiteboard when you don’t have a fixed pen tray available.

The wall marker holder can hold up to 4 whiteboard markers and can be placed anywhere on the board.  Great for keeping your markers out of reach of little fingers, and better than a magnetic cup as it keeps the markers horizontal.

A perfect pen caddy to use with our whiteboard markers.


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