Versatile Peel ‘n’ Stick Wall Tiles


  • Self Adhesive Tile 10-12mm thick
  • 600 x 600mm
  • 40 different colours
  • Easy to use stick on tile
  • Easy to cut
  • Pin & Velcro Friendly
  • Noise reducing
  • Recyclable and Environmentally friendly

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Use the Versa-Tile peel and stick wall tiles to reduce noise or create a wall of pin boards.

The Versa Tile is based on our composition pinnable and Velcro receptive acoustic wall-covering and is perfect for education and office environments.

You have the creative freedom to cut the tiles with a Stanley knife to create shapes or sizes to suit odd areas. Fit them around window frames or door ways.  Use the one colour or mix and match for your own design or pattern.

Apply these stick on tiles to a flat wall surface and arrange as required to create custom patterns. Perfect for classrooms and office interiors.

Cover the whole wall to create a pinboard wall using the peel and stick wall panels.

Or stick and go self adhesive wall tiles to a small section to create a custom pin board size or shape.


Versa-Tile Peel and stick tiles Australia.

The Vista Versa-Tile is an effective acoustic wall insulation and functional decorative solution designed to reduce reflected noise. Vertiface velour fabric on the face of the tile with a self adhesive backing.  The tile is non-toxic, non- allergenic, non-irritant and recycle-able.

You have a wide choice of  colours that are pinnable and velcro friendly.

Each stick on tile is 600 by 600mm and 10-12mm thick.  Please check availability, but the versatile colour collection is the same as our velour range.

Easy to install -> Versa-Tile installation guide (downloadable .pdf)

Tiles are sold in a box of 6 (1 colour per box).