Upright Menu Board


  • Stylish Upright Menu Board with Chrome stand
  • Magnetic Double Sided Board
  • Each board is 600 x 912mm
  • Select either Whiteboard or Chalkboard surface
  • Australian Made


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The Vista Upright Menu Board is a stylish freestanding  panel that just  adds a touch of class to any shop or business.  The ever popular ‘pole and clip system’ provides you with outstanding versatility.  They are light weight and easy to position.

Upright Menu Boards boast double-sided writing surfaces which are magnetic. You have the choice of Whiteboard, Chalkboard or have the best of both worlds with one side Whiteboard and one side Chalkboard.  Each board measures 600 x 912 and are both Magnetic.

The board has Vista’s Verve trim with solid Black corners and Chrome finished posts adding just that touch of class to the design.  Lightweight for easy maneuverability but with feet for stability.