Tripod Projector Screen


  • Built-in keystone eliminator
  • Automatic screen tensioning
  • Double action locking handle
  • Sturdy steel legs that lock into position
  • Matt white
  • Optional Extra – Carry Bag


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A Vista Tripod Projector Screen is a lightweight, portable solution for the mobile presenter.

The clarity of a projected image is only as good as the surface it is projected onto.

Yet a projection screen is probably the least considered factor when preparing a presentation.

Organisations will spend thousands of dollars on the latest projector and then reduce its impact by presenting on an old screen or even worse, projecting onto a wall.

The effect of this is counter-productive to the benefits of buying a quality projector.

A projector screen plays a major part in the quality of the information and/or image displayed. Its purpose is to reproduce the information and/or image with lossless quality and to distribute the projected light towards the audience, thereby optimising image quality and enhancing visual acuity.

If you go to meetings and find the equipment isn’t always there, is broken, or just missing then your own projector screen is the solution.

Then having your own Tripod Projection Screen is a must.   The compact design of these screens makes storage, transport and relocating equipment a breeze.

Optional carry bag for lecturers and presenters who need an easy way to transport projection screens.  Carry Bag sizes to suit 1200, 1500 and 1800 size projector screens.

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Vista Projection Screen Tripod




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