Toughened Glass Boards


  • Economical 6mm Toughened Glass Boards
  • Choose from a range of colours
  • Magnetic or non -magnetic (plain)
  • Made in Australia

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Toughened Glass Boards are an economical alternative to the Superclear Toughened Glass Boards.  With a standard iron content, there is a slight blue/green tinge to the glass, especially against light coloured backgrounds.

The Toughened Glass boards are made from 6mm toughen glass and can be order in a range of colours.

Choose from either a Magnetic Toughened Glass Board or Plain (non -magnetic) Board.

Freight is applicable to all orders and will vary according to quantity, size and destination.

Vista Visuals manufactures this product here in Australia.

Listed on the “Size Guide” is standard sizes.  Need a different size, just ask us.

Remember the the Trim and Surface guide will give you a selection of standard options.