FUNC Electric Height Adjustable Wall Mounted Stand


  • Electric height adjustment for easy of use.
  • Easy care matt black finish
  • The motorized height adjustment allows for optimal ergonomic positioning
  • Integrated storage box for mini PC, Codec or Laptop is accessible from the front and can be locked with a padlock (padlock not supplied).

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The FUNC wall mounted stand is ideal for rooms which have a fixed point of display for a heavy touch display panel.

The floor lift transmits the weight directly to the floor with no load on the wall. This makes it the ideal solution where the wall is constructed out of lightweight materials. The Electrically driven wall mounted lift allows for a safe and inclusive access to the LED panel to suit your presentation environment and viewing audience.

A storage box for your own mini PC or laptop is included that can be locked with a padlock (not supplied)


Func Wall Mounted Height Adjustable Stand Technical Information:

Finish: Black
Maximum display weight (kg): 120
Horizontal VESA (mm): 200-800
Vertical VESA (mm): 100-400
Stroke length (mm): 500
Rec. display size: 46” and up
Warranty (years): 2
Storage box: 550 x 380 x 120

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Func Wall Height Adjustable Stand: SMS (Smart Media Solutions)

Also available as a mobile stand.


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