4 Term Planner – 5 Days (Mon- Friday)


  • 4 Terms
  • Mon – Friday
  • Term Headings in Black or Colour options,
  • Porcelain Surface
  • Graphics/artwork printed onto the surface
  • Magnetic Board, Clip on pentray, Concealed fixings
  • Australian Made

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Designed by Teachers to view the 4 Terms at a glance.  Monday – Friday across the top with number weeks down the side.

Vista Porcelain Whiteboards with Graphics/Artwork applied.  The Porcelain Board (e3 environmental ceramicsteel surface) has a lifetime warranty under normal use and conditions.

The Artwork is printed directly onto the surface.  Printed Artwork has a 2 year warranty under normal use & conditions.

The Porcelain Board is magnetic. Each board has a aluminium frame, plastic clip on pentray.  The Board has rounded plastic corners incorporating a concealed fixing system (masonry fixings supplied).

NB: Dirt, dust, moisture, sunlight and usage effects the performance of any board,  check with us if the lines should be Etched into the board.

Customised boards with the School’s Motto or you need special size. Sizes of Boards are Nominal Only