Smart Panels & Boards

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The Link Media range of smart boards includes a range of interactive whiteboards and interactive LED panels.  Also known as Interactive Flat Panels (IFP).

The range helps your modernise your classroom to be less rigid and more responsive to a wider range of learning needs.

Specifically targeted for learning in Early Education, Primary Schools, High Schools, Universities and Tafe’s.

Fixed, wall mounted and mobile options include models specifically for early education.

Developed specifically with teachers in mind by teachers but also with a variety of commercial and business applications.  A perfect digital touchscreen whiteboard for any office.

We also offer a range of commercial grade non-interactive flat panels (FP) where a static display is required.

In addition to our LED smartboards we have our TG-850 interactive whiteboard & projector solution.

If you want to know how to clean a smart board please contact us.

Photo of LinkMedia TJ-75 and TJ-98 adjacent

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