Vista Whiteboard Eraser


  • Stylish design, fits effortlessly into the palm of your hand
  • Whiteboard Eraser is Magnetic to keep it on the board, ready to use.
  • 2 Refill pads included

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The Vista Whiteboard Eraser is designed for use with out porcelain surface and commercial surface white boards.

Dirt, dust, moisture, sunlight and usage effects the performance of any board so it is important that you clean the white board frequently with an eraser to get the best performance from your board.

The eraser fits nicely into the palm of your hand making it easy to keep your board clean. Being a magnetic eraser it is ideal to leave on your whiteboard so that it is ready to use.

When cleaning your Dry Erase Whiteboard always ensure that your pads are clean so that you don’t transfer dirt and grime back onto your board.  The Vista Whiteboard Eraser comes with 2 extra re-fill pads.

Re-fill pads can be purchased separately.

A correctly cleaned whiteboard will give years of use.

Not sure of how to clean and maintain your whiteboard?  Refer to our ‘Vista Whiteboard Cleaning Guide‘ guide.


Vista whiteboard eraser and refills product codes.







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