• 92″ diagonal Interactive Porcelain Whiteboard
  • 20 point touch
  • Gesture recognition (Windows 7 and above)
  • Can use finger, pen or stylus to write, mark up or draw on the board
  • Plug and Play
  • Match it with a Short throw Projector to make it fully interactive
  • Cables, Fixing and Speakers
  • Comprehensive Training and Support included
  • Australian Made

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The TG-850 is manufactured by Link Media – Australia’s only Interactive Porcelain Whiteboard manufacturer.

The Link Media TG-850 interactive whiteboard has 20 point touch capabilities (when software supported).

Integrated gesture recognition allows you to spend less time facing your board and more time facing your audience.  This gives a better clearer presentation.

Zoom in and out, right click, flick to go back and forward, rotate images, scroll the page and many more gestures.  It’s only limit is your computers capability.

It allows you to speed up your presentation and improve the flow and increase greater interaction and communication with your audience.

The board can be used as a normal whiteboard or connect with a projector and it becomes an interactive whiteboard.

It has a unique brushed black aluminium frame.  Simple to plug and play.  No ongoing license fees are required to use the TG-850.

Use either your finger, pen or stylus to write, mark up or draw on the board.  The board also comes with speakers.

You can save the work back to your computer for later use or email it as required.


Interactive Whiteboard Technical Information:

 Board                                                                                                System Requirements

Power Supply: USB                                                                           Memory: 512mb (minimum)

Power consumption: 5V voltage and 72mA current                  Operating System: Optimal Windows 7 or Apple Lion OSx or above

Interface: IR (Infrared)

TG-850 External Dimensions (mm):

Screen Size:             2060 x 1195 x 40

Effective Area:          1980 x 1115

Board Weight:           53kg



Proudly supported by the Link Media team.  If you require a TG-850 user guide or assistance on how to calibrate or align an interactive whiteboard please contact us.  The TG-850 (TG8-BTE) is the replacement model for the TG-650 (TG6-BTE).

The TG-850 is newer updated technology that replaces our original Eno Interactive Whiteboards.


TG-850 Interactive Whiteboard Bundle Product Codes






Link Media TG-850 Interactive Whiteboard Solution
with Short Throw Projector



Link Media TG-850 Interactive Whiteboard Solution
with Ultra Short Throw Projector


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