Mobile Flipchart


  • Dry-wipe magnetic commercial whiteboard (600mm x 900mm)
  • Compact paper clamp
  • Concealing adjustable paper hooks
  • 50 sheets of Flipchart Economy Paper
  • APO Grey Frame with 2 lockable castors
  • Pentray

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The Vista Mobile Flipchart is a highly effective visual communication tool.  Flipcharts are used extensively to capture information in meetings and brain-storming sessions, and are also very effective in a teaching situations where group learning is appropriate.  The Vista Mobile Flipchart is inexpensive, economical, space-efficient and offers true mobility.

The Vista Whiteboard Mobile includes;

  • Commercial Whiteboard (600 x 900mm)
  • Stylish paper holder with concealed adjustable paper hooks
  • 50 sheets of flipchart paper
  • The easel is APO Grey in colour with 2 lockable castors.
  • Pentray

All our Flipchart Paper Pads are recyclable, biodegradable and Australian Made making them environmentally sustainable and socially responsible





Vista Flipcharts Mobile Magnetic Whiteboard Back


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