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Printed Whiteboard

Printed Whiteboard

What makes it special...

  • Magnetic, e3 environmental ceramicsteel surface with lifetime warranty under normal use & conditions
  • Your chosen design printed in vibrant colour
  • Significantly less surface/light distortion
  • Scratch resistant
  • Bacteria resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Australian made
  • No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Customise your e3 porcelain whiteboard using a new and exciting over-print process that provides state-of-the-art reproduction of full-colour graphics and images onto your whiteboard surface, giving you complete creative control of what your whiteboard design will be. Combining our quality materials and workmanship, innovative printing techniques and your imagination, any image, colour, design or layout can be professionally reproduced on our e3 porcelain whiteboards.

Vista Printed Graphics Boards feature e3 environmental ceramicsteel surface - the world's first & only whiteboard surface to achieve Cradle to Cradle Silver Certification.

VWB0406GRAPHICS470 x 600
VWB0606GRAPHICS600 x 600
VWB0906GRAPHICS912 x 600
VWB0909GRAPHICS912 x 912
VWB1206GRAPHICS1212 x 600
VWB1209GRAPHICS1200 x 912
VWB1212GRAPHICS1212 x 1212
VWB1509GRAPHICS1500 x 912
VWB1512GRAPHICS1500 x 1212
VWB1809GRAPHICS1800 x 912
VWB1812GRAPHICS1800 x 1212
VWB2109GRAPHICS2100 x 912
VWB2112GRAPHICS2100 x 1212
VWB2409GRAPHICS2400 x 912
VWB2412GRAPHICS2400 x 1212
VWB2712GRAPHICS2700 x 1212
VWB3012GRAPHICS3000 x 1212
VWB3312GRAPHICS3300 x 1212
VWB3612GRAPHICS3600 x 1212

Please contact us to confirm trim and / or swatch availability for your prefered size.

Please note: Sizing quoted is nominal only. Stated product sizes will increase or decrease slightly depending on the trim selected. For exact measurements of your chosen product please contact us
Trim options:

verveVerve trim

18mm (w) 13.5mm (d)
terraTerra trim

16.5mm (w) 16.1mm (d)
estaEsta trim

1.6mm (w)
12mm (d)
metallo 1Metallo 1 trim

25.4mm (w) 23.4mm (d)
metallo 2Metallo 2 trim

25.4mm (w) 23.4mm (d)

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