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Twin Track Rail System

Twin Track Rail System

  • Twin Track Rail System

What makes it special...

  • Great space saving solution
  • Highly configurable
  • Variety of surfaces and sizes available
Ideal for training or meeting rooms where wall space is at a premium. Fit up to 3 times the amount of boards in the space of one. Flipcharts, projection screens, and shelving available.
Building your twin track system:

T1128-01Rail package comprising of 2 x2m rail, end stops,Décor strip,Paper hanging strip
T1122-01Vista Twin Track End stop
T1142-01Vista Twin Track Spacing rail end stop
T1110-01Vista Twin Track Décor strip -White (per meter) -priced as 2 metre
T1121-01Vista Twin Track 2m twin rail
T1101-01Vista Twin track wall rail 3m Length
T1120-01Vista Twin Track Paper clamp strip 2m
T1120-02Vista Twin Track paper clamp strip 3m
T1130-11Vista Twin Track Picture hook (bag 25)
T1143-01Vista Twin Track Wall spacing rail 2m
T1105-01Vista Twin Track Joiner Price
T1202-01Vista Single Board Track 2m
T1203-01Vista Single Board Track 3m

Porcelain boards for Twin Track:

TWBD0710700 x 1000
TWBD12101200 x 1000
TWBS0710700 x 1000
TWBS12101200 x 1000
TWBS15101500 x 1000
TWBS18101800 x 1000

Commercial boards for Twin Track:

TTCD0710700 x 1000
TTCD12101200 x 1000
TTCS0710700 x 1000
TTCS12101200 x 1000
TTCS15101500 x 1000
TTCS18101800 x 1000

Pinboards for Twin Track:

TFR0710 ( )700 x 1000
TFR1210 ( )1200 x 1000
TCK0710700 x 1000
TCK12101200 x 1000

contact us to confirm trim and / or swatch availability for your prefered size.

Please note: Sizing quoted is nominal only. Stated product sizes will increase or decrease slightly depending on the trim selected. For exact measurements of your chosen product please contact us
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