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What makes it special...

  • Environmentally friendly - renewable natural product
  • Hygienic and Virtually bacteria free
  • Anti-static
  • Resilient and flexible
  • Practical and easy
  • Long lasting, timeless and strong
  • Versatile and colourful
  • Available in matt colours, so that reflection caused by sunlight or artificial light is reduced.
Krommenie is a 100% natural linoleum surfacing material which is produced from renewable raw materials. The combination of oxidized linseed oil, rosin and finely ground cork gives the product its flexibility and resilience-exceptional durability and a sustainable footprint all in the one product. The strong, durable, resilient and self-healing properties of Krommenie prevent crumbling and loss of grip, making it ideally suited for use on notice boards. Krommenie does not attract dust, is also hygienic and bacteria resistant making it the ideal pin board for any classroom, office or healthcare environment.

There are 12 decorative colours to choose from. (new additional colours available in November 2015).

Our standard Verve Trim is on the pin boards less than 1200 x 900.

Contact us for a quote if you would prefer:

  • Optional Metal Trims: Terra, Esta, Metallo 1(Mitred) or Metallo 2 (plasticcorners).  

  • Optional Wood Trims: Oak or Jarrah polished solid timber

VKB0406470 x 600
VKB0606600 x 600
VKB0906912 x 600
VKB0909912 x 912
VKB12091200 x 912
VKB12121212 x 1212
VKB15091500 x 912
VKB15121500 x 1212
VKB18091800 x 912
VKB18121800 x 1212
VKB21122100 x 1212
VKB24122400 x 1212
VKB27122700 x 1212
VKB30123000 x 1212
VKB33123300 x 1212
VKB36123600 x 1212

Please contact us to confirm trim and / or swatch availability for your prefered size.

Please note: Sizing quoted is nominal only. Stated product sizes will increase or decrease slightly depending on the trim selected. For exact measurements of your chosen product please contact us

Trim options:

verveVerve trim

18mm (w) 13.5mm (d)
terraTerra trim

16.5mm (w) 16.1mm (d)
estaEsta trim

1.6mm (w)
12mm (d)
metallo 1Metallo 1 trim

25.4mm (w) 23.4mm (d)
metallo 2Metallo 2 trim

25.4mm (w) 23.4mm (d)


Please note: Electronic reproduction of colours can vary and should not be considered accurate. We strongly recommend you view a fabric sample before making your decision.

Downloadable Swatch Chart


  • Total thickness - 6mm/0.25mm

  • Total weight of Krommenie - 4.7kg/m2

  • Flexibility 50mm

  • Sound absorption coefficient 0.1

  • Natural materials - 91%

  • Thermal conductivity - 0.10W/m

  • Matt colour selection for reduce artificial light or sunlight reflection

  • Anti-static

  • Dimensionally stable, resists cracking, drying and peeling

  • Resistant to diluted acids, oils and most conventional solvents.  Not resistant to prolong exposure to alkalis.

  • Has bacteriostatic properties

  • Has self-healing properties

  • Recycled content - 43%

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