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Combination Board Cork

Combination Board Cork

  • Combination Board Cork

What makes it special...

  • 100% natural cork
  • Whiteboard and pinboard in one
50% commercial writing surface. 50% pinnable surface. Customised boards or special sizes made on request.
VCOMBCK0906912 x 600
VCOMBCK0909912 x 912
VCOMBCK12091200 x 912
VCOMBCK12121212 x 1212
VCOMBCK15091500 x 912
VCOMBCK15121500 x 1212
VCOMBCK18091800 x 912
VCOMBCK18121800 x 1212
VCOMBCK21122100 x 1212
VCOMBCK24122400 x 1212

Please contact us to confirm trim and / or swatch availability for your prefered size.

Please note: Sizing quoted is nominal only. Stated product sizes will increase or decrease slightly depending on the trim selected. For exact measurements of your chosen product please contact us

Please note: Electronic reproduction of colours can vary and should not be considered accurate. We strongly recommend you view a sample before making your decision.

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