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Confidential Cabinet

Confidential Cabinet

What makes it special...

  • Internal finish: Magnetic commercial whiteboard surface
  • External finish: Laminate, commercial whiteboard or pinboard fabric
  • Dry-wipe erasable
  • Concealed fixings
  • Fixings supplied
  • Bonus penrail 300mm
  • 5 Year guarantee on writing surface
  • Australian made

Do you have a meeting room that is used by both staff members and clients? Do you have information that has been worked out during a staff meeting, but you do not wish your clients to see? Vista Visuals Confidential Cabinet will keep sensitive information under wraps or keep your notes and information intact until the next meeting or training session. The Confidential Cabinets are made up of 3 boards. The interior surface is whiteboard. When the doors are closed you have the choice of having 2 more whiteboards, pinboards or a laminate. The Confidential Cabinet does have the option to add a lock if you require.

With the choice of surfaces for the outer wings, there will be a colour or finish to suit most offices.


All cabinets are made to Order, and are non-returnable.

VTCC0606()600 x 600
VTCC0906() 900 x 600
VTCC0909() 900 x 900
VTCC1209() 1200 x 900
VTCC1212() 1200 x 1200
VTCC1509() 1500 x 900
VTCC1512() 1500 x 1200
VTCC1809() 1800 x 900
VTCC1812() 1800 x 1200
VTCC0606W600 x 600
VTCC0906W900 x 600
VTCC0909W900 x 900
VTCC1209W1200 x 900
VTCC1212W1200 x 1200
VTCC1509W1500 x 900
VTCC1512W1500 x 1200
VTCC1809W1800 x 900
VTCC1812W1800 x 1200

Downloadable Swatch - Vertiface

Trim options:

verveVerve trim

18mm (w) 13.5mm (d)
terraTerra trim

16.5mm (w) 16.1mm (d)
metallo 1Metallo 1 trim

25.4mm (w) 23.4mm (d)
metallo 2Metallo 2 trim

25.4mm (w) 23.4mm (d)

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