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  1. SMS Flatscreen (Fixed) Floor Stand

    SMS Flatscreen (Fixed) Floor Stand


    The SMS Flatscreen (Fixed) Floor Stand is a stable and reliable floor stand that embodies design, function and safety. Big screens often attract lots of attention, so it makes sense that they are presented properly. The SMS Flatscreen (Fixed) Floor Stand will do your screen justice. Practical, elegant shelves (optional) can easily be mounted onto the stand and make the perfect accompaniment to your screen. Unsightly cables are easily concealed inside the pillar for a neat, streamlined finish. Available in three different heights: 1150mm, 1450mm and 2000mm. INFO Finish: Aluminium/silver Max load: 50 kg/screen (standard). With custom made slide the product supports up to 100 kg screens. Length (pillar): 1150mm (FH T1150), 1450mm (FH T1450) and 2000mm (FH T2000). Tilt: The screen can be tilted -3°/+10°. Adjustable: Screen and shelves can be adjusted along the pillar. OPTIONAL Shelves (Pictured) SMS Flatscreen H2 Unislide (if you are to use more than one screen on the bracket) Require Universal slide: SMS Flatscreen H2 Unislide (Included) Vesa standard: 200x100/200x200/400x200/400x400/600x400/600x400/800x400 * NOTE: SMS Flatscreen H Unislide is NOT compatible with this bracket. Learn More
  2. Display Panel

    Display Panel


    Freestanding display boards in a knock down format - complete with posts. Double-sided loop nylon fabric. Velcro compatible. Chrome/ Black stand. Learn More
  3. Big Book Buddy

    Big Book Buddy


    Porcelain whiteboard can be used for showing big books and doubles as a writing board with height adjustment to the shelf ranging from 100mm to 650mm. Learn More
  4. Mobile Boards

    Mobile Boards


    Double Sided mobile available in whiteboard or chalkboard and a combination of both. Low height designed with children in mind (Height 1050mm). Learn More
  5. Show ' n' Tell

    Show ' n' Tell


    Wall Mounted Boards available in chalkboard or whiteboard steel or a combination of both. Learn More