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  1. Porcelain Music Board Mobile Fixed

    Porcelain Music Board Mobile Fixed


    e3 environmental ceramicsteel surface, Double-sided, Magnetic, aluminium trim, pentray. Music Lines are printed diectly onto the surface using our unique overprint process. Either one or both sides of whiteboard can be printed depending on preference. Learn More
  2. Whiteboard Markers

    Whiteboard Markers


    Sakura Whiteboard Markers are arguably the world's best whiteboard markers! Outstanding quality, outstanding colour vibrancy, outstanding lay down, outstanding performance and outstanding value all add up to an outstanding whiteboard marker. Colours available: Red, Black, Blue & Green - Box of 12 Markers (Individual colours) or Wallet of 4 Markers (Assorted colours). Learn More
  3. Big Book Buddy

    Big Book Buddy


    Porcelain whiteboard can be used for showing big books and doubles as a writing board with height adjustment to the shelf ranging from 100mm to 650mm. Learn More
  4. 4 Term Planner - Type 4

    4 Term Planner - Type 4


    Porcelain Whiteboard 4 Term Planner, Monday to Sunday, weeks 1 to 11 under each term.

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  5. A Frame Menu Board

    A Frame Menu Board


    Wanting to let your customers know what specials you have. A writing and magnetic surface. Easily folded to store for the night.

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  6. Fun Frames

    Fun Frames


    'A' frame writing center available in both chalkboard or porcelain whiteboard or a combination of both. Learn More
  7. Felt



    Felt is an economical and attractive material. Felt fabrics come in a range of vibrant colours and are relatively low maintenance making them a popular choice for school classrooms. Felt is also suitable for office partitions, notice boards, pinboards and exhibition stands. Felt has the unique benefit of bieng self adherant - felt cutouts will grip a felt board in a similar manner to velcro making felt a useful tool for classroom demonstrations. Learn More
  8. Panasonic UB-5335-A

    Panasonic UB5335-A


    Put an end to meetings where everyone has to take notes, written on whiteboard. The Panasonic electronic whiteboards with built-in printer allow you to simply print your notes or directly save them as a PDF/TIFF on PC or USB flash memory device. Learn More
  9. Twin Track Rail System

    Twin Track Rail System


    Ideal for training or meeting rooms where wall space is at a premium. Fit up to 3 times the amount of boards in the space of one. Flipcharts, projection screens, and shelving available. Learn More
  10. Commercial Mobile Fixed

    Commercial Mobile Fixed


    Magnetic, commercial surface with 5-year guarantee under normal use & conditions. 300mm pentray, double sided. Powdercoated APO Grey aluminium frame on castors ( two with brakes). Learn More