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  1. Printed Whiteboard

    Printed Whiteboard


    Customise your e3 porcelain whiteboard using a new and exciting over-print process that provides state-of-the-art reproduction of full-colour graphics and images onto your whiteboard surface, giving you complete creative control of what your whiteboard design will be. Combining our quality materials and workmanship, innovative printing techniques and your imagination, any image, colour, design or layout can be professionally reproduced on our e3 porcelain whiteboards. Learn More
  2. Lapbank Laptop Security Trolleys - 16 bay

    Lapbank Laptop Security Trolleys - 16 bay


    A LAPBANK high security trolley is the most effective solution for securing laptop computers and providing mobile storage. Ideal for use where many laptops are under the control of one person and mobile, secure storage is of vital importance. Securely store and charge 16 laptops at any time, in one location. Complete with on-board charging kit and cable management system. Learn More
  3. Display Panel

    Display Panel


    Freestanding display boards in a knock down format - complete with posts. Double-sided loop nylon fabric. Velcro compatible. Chrome/ Black stand. Learn More
  4. TP3

    4 Term Planner - Type 3


    Porcelain Whiteboard 4 Term Planner, Term header coloured, Monday to Friday, weeks 1 to 11 under each term.

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  5. Krommenie



    Need a pin board or notice board for the School, Office, Hospital or Medical workplace. Krommenie is made from renewable materials. It does not attract dust, is hygienic and virtually bacteria free. Krommenie is strong, flexible and self-healing that is resilient to cracking

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  6. Liner Tape

    Liner Tape


    Have you found that your final planning layout looks nothing like the one you started with? Self-adhesive liner tape gives you the freedom and versatility to design the planning board you want. Learn More
  7. Heavy Duty Whiteboard Cleaner

    Heavy Duty Whiteboard Cleaner


    Vista Heavy Duty Whiteboard Cleaner will cut through ingrained or stubborn whiteboard residue. When you want sparkling results with minimal wiping you need Vista Heavy Duty Whiteboard Cleaner. Learn More
  8. Pen Holder

    Vista Magnetic Pen Holder


    This magnetic Pen Holder can keep your markers out of reach of little fingers, as well as keeping the markers flat to help stop them from drying out quickly.

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  9. Acoustic Panel

    Acoustic Panel


    Acoustic Panel is an innovative product that delivers exceptional reverberated noise control. Made from high-density 100% polyester, Acoustic Panel is available in 25mm and 50mm thicknesses, designed to absorb 85% and 100% of noise respectively. High-performance acoustic control Its excellent sound absorption properties make Acoustic Panel ideal for noise-sensitive environments such as Theatres, Auditoriums, Recording and Broadcasting studios, Retail areas, Call centres, Classrooms and Boardrooms, among many others. Learn More
  10. Whiteboard Flipchart

    Whiteboard Flipchart


    Vista's whiteboard Flipchart combines a fully adjustable paper holding system with a magnetic whiteboard for a versatile presentation unit. Learn More